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Opening Reception
June 23, 2017 | 5:00pm – 9:30pm

Yu achieves the invisibility of these sculpted figures through highly transparent plastic, a material that she prefers because it does not bend light the way glass and other choices would. Using a labor-intensive process done entirely by hand, Yu can create eerie, ethereal effects for her sculptures. The transparent bodies are produced in halves divided vertically, and attached to one another by stitches, a process that reinforces the hand-made quality of the work and testifies to the artist’s mastery.

Through the artist’s nearly invisible renderings of emotionally complex individuals, she dramatizes the pressures in contemporary life between how we are expected to behave versus how we really feel. Yu explores that tension in evolving ways. From the series “Me & Myself,” inspired by her own life, she explores individuals who wish to be invisible but are trapped in a society that demands constant public sharing, to the series “Me & Them,” where she explores an individual’s inner struggle with voices from her past. Yu’s acute sensitivity transpires a viewers’ own reflective moment that connects her work to the viewer in the most intimate way.

Jin Young Yu has had solo exhibitions internationally for the last ten years. Most recently at Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milan, Italy, CHOI&LAGER Gallery, Cologne, Germany, and UNION Gallery, London, England. Her many group exhibitions have included showing at the Art Central Art Fair, Hong Kong, London Art Fair.